How can Migration themes be used best in our current teaching and research?

We have launched a new Survey toadvise and examine how history teachers use underlying themes of migration in their work in classrooms and seminar halls. The survey will form part of our continuing programme Experiences and Perceptions of Migrations in Europe, funded under by the EU's Europe for Citizens Programme, and supported by , EUROCLIO, working in partnership with the Europaeum and the International Students of History Associations ISHA.

Europe is characterised by both internal and inward migration that has moulded and is continuing to mould its identity. Migration brings its challenges: xenophobia and intolerance are both very contemporary issues and part of European history. Migration also raises questions about whether any European nation can use a single historical narrative to define itself. How can these issues be integrated into our history teaching?

Preliminary results will be presented at our final conference in Vienna, Austria and in a Project Publication (to be edited by Dr Paul Flather Secretary-General of EVROPAEVM, Oxford University) which will be widely disseminated among EU leaders and across all partner bodies.
Please take 10 minutes + to fill in our Survey by November 26th. Please also do help us by disseminating it across your networks.

Please follow the link to be redirected to the Project Survey.

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