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Roundtable: How to deal with the Past of the Western Balkans?

On the 11th of January 2013, a roundtable event was set up by EUROCLIO in order to discuss the question of ‘How to deal with the past of the Western Balkans?’. The roundtable was part of a five-day workshop of history educators from Former Yugoslavia with the presence of professional experts Chris Culpin and John Hamer and signifies one of the last phases of the History that Connects programme which seeks to address issues in the sensitive periods in the shared history of the Balkans that were left unaddressed in previous work of the history educators. The project aims to develop through collaborative writing inclusive and multi-perspective ready to use class room teaching material with a focus on the history of the region from 1900-1945.

The roundtable offered people interested in reconciliation and history education the opportunity to attend a discussion with the history educators of Former Yugoslavia and listen to presentations on reconciliation through or with history (education). Speakers were Anna Kiebert, Program Officer at The Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation (IHJR), Saša Obradović, currently a legal adviser of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia to the Kingdom of The Netherlands and Claske Vos, historian, researcher and teacher at the University of Amsterdam who presented her findings and experiences concerning “A Study of the Regional Heritage Programme in Serbia as a ‘Vehicle of Europeanisation” .

100 Years since the Beginning of the First World War – Deadline for Applications is January, 31

The International Conference on the Occasion of the First Centennial of the Beginning of the First World War will take place in Sarajevo from the 19 – 20 June 2014and is organized by the Institute for History, Sarajevo, The Croatian Institute of History, Zagreb, the Institute of National History, Skopje and the Institute for East and Southeast European Sutides, Regensburg.

The aim of the Conference is to consider the causes, course, and the political, social and economic consequences of the First World War on the basis of new historical research in the context of European and more specifically Balkan history. The conference will also explore the legacy of World War One and its place in collective memory today. The conference wants to highlight the significance of the First World War for Eastern and Southeastern European societies but at the same time will consider the larger European and international picture.

The organizers invite interested groups to send their applications for participation in the Conference until January 31, 2013 with an abstract (not longer than 500 words) and a short CV (100 words). For more information contact

Download new online publication for Human Rights Education for free!

The Institute for the Development of Gifted Education announce the publication of their Teacher Compendium for Human Rights Education. The publicationincludes the newly developed Human Rights Educational Model. This model educates through meaningful, integrated content and is process driven enabling educators to customize learning. The model components are fluid with the focus on transformation of the individual. Components include Personal Identity, Information, Awareness, Issue Recognition, Action Development and Social Action.

Through grant funding this document is available as a free download here.

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