EuroClio General Assembly 2010 – good procedures

The next 2010 EUROCLIO General Assembly will be held on Friday 26 March 2010 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We are delighted to see that many Associations have sent delegates to the 2010 EUROCLIO Annual Conference in the Netherlands and we expect that many of them are interested in participating in this General Assembly, in order to access the work of 2009 and discuss the planning for 2010. We will very much welcome their contributions.

However we noticed that some of the Full Member Associations have not paid the EUROCLIO Subscription fee for 2009. In the Statutes of EUROCLIO it is stipulated that Full Member Associations are only allowed to vote, if they have paid their subscription for the previous year (1/1/2009-31/12/2010). Please make sure that your delegates can vote and check if you have paid the fee already.
It is still possible for delegates to pay in cash the subscription fees to Maria Kazamiaki during the Conference Registration.

Please find attached the Membership Fee form and Information form. Kindly fill in the forms so that we know how you are intending to pay (by bank transfer of in cash) as well as the current number of your members which determines the number of votes during the General Assembly.

For the Member Associations which have already paid their Membership fee, please kindly send us the information form.

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