Comenius EduMedia Seal for Croatian Historical Portal

Award for us!

The most important German and European awards for exemplary ICT-based educational media were awarded in Berlin on June 22, 2012. Thru “The Comenius EduMedia Awards” GPI (German Society for Education and information)  promotes pedagogy, content and design, especially valuable ICT-based educational media: Educational multimedia products (DMP), General Multimedia Products (AMP), teaching and learning management system (LMS), computer games with competency-promoting potential (CKP).

In the foreground are also after seventeen years of history, the pedagogical content and educational-methodological aspects. The Croatian History Portal ( edited and owned by Miljenko Hajdarovic since 2006. was awarded with Comenius EduMedia Seal in the category General Multimedia Products. (Some more information on german)

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Hrvatski povijesni portal je elektronički časopis za povijest i srodne znanosti pokrenut 2006. godine.
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