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First Regional Work Session History that Connects in Sarajewo


On February 24-28 2011 the EUROCLIO/Open Society Institute Project “History that Connects” will have its firstRegional Work Ses-sion and Management Meeting in Sarajewo. This project that is the direct follow-up of the EUROCLIO/Matra project “History in Action”, but the focus will now be on developing methodological and curricular guidelines on how to teach sensitive and controversial issues, alongside the production of new teaching material.

The title is “Stock-taking, Selecting and Initiating for the Production of Teaching Material”. The meeting especially aims to debate, reflectand lay-out a clear and operable understanding of what is sensitive and controversial history; to involve from all perspectives a broad list of topics, themes and events that are sensitive in the project region, with a focus on the period 1900-1945; to identify and start the inclusion of teaching material for the Historiana framework; to work on on-going capacity building of the Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Kosovar, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian and Slovenian History Educators Associations, as well as the overall regional capacity and the capacity of individual professionals; to re-engage with cross-border grassroots civic engagement and networking; to present, update and share the current state of history education is-sues of the participating countries and finallyto share and reflecton international expertise involving the learning and teaching of sensitive and controversial issues. For more information please contact Jonathan Even-Zohar at Izdvojeno iz siječanjskog newslettera EuroClia (link za download)

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