Progressing the Regional Programme: Fourth Regional Seminar

The Fourth Regional Seminar within the EUROCLIO/OSI/UNAOC Programme “History that Connects. How to teach sensitive and controversial issues in the countries of Former Yugoslavia” will be held in Pula,Croatia on 1st – 4th March 2012.

Representatives from all Former Yugoslavia, as well as contributors from Israel and Italy will actively engage during the seminar. The seminar is co-organised with the History Teachers Association of Croatia, and will focus on further development of Educational Material. This includes; identification of topics for seven new modules on selected sensitive and controversial history of 1900-1945, implementing regional relevance and collecting regional sources, which enables more multiperspectivity. The material will be focussing on active learning methods based on the EUROCLIO and Historiana Framework, and the programme will include a workshop about Recommendation on the Teaching of Sensitive and Controversial Issues. Furthermore, the Regional Seminar will be a good opportunity to network, to build the capacity of the Bosnian, Croatian, Kosovar, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian and Slovenian History Teachers Associations, as well as the overall regional capacity and the capacity of individual professionals and to present the current state of history education issues of the countries of Former Yugoslavia. Would you like to join the seminar as observer and learn first-hand about the progress being made in the project? For more information please contact Jonathan Even-Zohar.

Exercept from EuroClio January 2012 Newsletter

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