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Teaching 1815 – Waterloo 200 International Training


In partnership with Waterloo Committee 200 and Municipality of Braine L-Alleud, EUROCLIO is organizing one of the memorable events of 2015|Teaching 1815. Rethinking Waterloo from Multiple Perspectives| which will take place in a historical town of Braine-L’Alleud (Belgium) between 4-8 February 2015 (including travel dates).

It is the significant moment in the History of EUROCLIO, where 25 international, and as much of local history, heritage and citizenship educators will come together to jointly develop transnational educational module and stimulate innovative and multiperspectice ways in teaching and learning about wars. A series of inspiring workshops, platforms for learning and sharing, unique experience of actual historical sites of Waterloo, intercultural nights, joint projects will inspire the participants to remember this event for long.

The seminar is inspired by 2015 being the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, a milestone in Europe’s 19th-century history that marks the end of a series of wars that opposed Napoleonic France and different coalitions between 1792 and 1815. The seminar will act as a source of inspiration for educators to reflect on dynamics and practices of teaching and learning about conflicts and cooperation in Europe throughout the 19th and the 20th century.

The seminar will strive to foster:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the way the Battle of Waterloo and the Wars are taught in classrooms in the countries of the European Union and even beyond.
  • Increased awareness, knowledge and know-how on teaching about the Napoleonic Wars and the Waterloo Battle with a pan-European perspective for a group of history, citizenship and heritage educators, leading to the introduction of new ideas, the development of new skills in the classroom and a better understanding about the relevance of the topic for the present day.
  • Dissemination of an alternative approach to military history that challenges the traditional paradigm of victory and defeat.
  • International access to innovative online teaching material on the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars and its ending.
  • Increased awareness on the connections and parallels of national histories contributing to develop a European sense of belonging.
  • Cross-border networking and cooperation of history, citizenship and heritage educators resulting in follow-up exchanges and initiatives involving school and university students.
  • Valorisation of on-site learning at the Waterloo battlefield leading to school trips.

More information on this link. Registration on this link.

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